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Nov 22, 2017
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Have questions? Here are the answers to some of the most common inquiries we get. If you can’t find the answer to your question here don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hostel FAQS

Q: What is a hostel?
A: Hostels provide short term accommodation to travelers, particularly encouraging outdoor activities and cultural exchange for the young. In a hostel guests rent a bed (sometimes a bunk bed) in a dormitory and share bathroom, kitchen, and lounge rooms. Private rooms are often available. The main benefit of a hostel is that one gets to meet other travelers from all over the world. Hostels are usually less formal and less expensive than hotels. They are most frequently used by young travelers. Hostels provide great opportunity for multi-cultural enlightenment. There is more interaction between the guests than in traditional hotels.

Q: Are there Check In Requirements?
A:  We are a Travelers hostel, and require proof of onward travel and Out of State ID card/Passport. For Special Requests please contact hostel direct at 808-923-9566 or email us at
Q: What sets us apart from our competitors?
A: Our commitment to bringing Love Peace and Harmony in everything we do.  Weekly soul healing classes are available to empower individuals to live their life to the fullest by using the power of their soul. Classes focus on healing, rejuvenation, and simple practices that can be used to transform all aspects of ones life including, health, relationships, finances, intelligence and much more. We also offer extensive amenities that can be found on the Hostel Facilities page. We pride ourselves on offering safe, clean,  and family friendly accommodations in the heart of Waikiki. We are steps away from the beautiful diamond head crater, Waikiki Zoo, Aquarium, shops, restaurants, bus stops, nightlife, and famous Waikiki beach. Come and experience for yourself why we are rated again and again the best hostel in Hawaii.

Q: How do I know if you have availability?
A: You can check online by entering in the dates of your travel which will display all room categories available. If you should find some room types unavailable and are flexible in your travel plans you can scroll through the dates by clicking next day or next week to check for future availability. Our reservations are made in sync with our computer system so as soon as you submit your reservation we will receive it immediately on our end.

Q: What is the difference between room types?
A: We offer the following rooms types: Large dorms sleep up to 8 people bunk bed style, the small dorms sleep up to 4 people on single beds, and the semi-private room sleeps 2 people, and is your own private bedroom with lockable door, share the kitchen bathroom and living room with 1-2 other travelers.  These rooms have 2 single beds, air condition, and private lanai.   Private small dorms sleep four people on single beds. The room is completely private. Private large dorms sleep up to 8 people on bunk beds. This room is completely private. For more detailed descriptions go to Hostel Rates page.

Q: How do I get to your hostel from the Honolulu Int’l airport?
There are several ways to get to us being the most popular mode of transportation via Shuttle service which will cost about $15 dollars and they will take you to our doorstep.  Please go to Hostel Directions page for more information.

Q: How do I get back to the airport when I check out?
A: Our guest service agents can assist you with transportation back to the airport. The popular choice is via shuttle service costing about $15 per person one way. Otherwise, taxi service is about 40-45 dollars.

Q: Is the hostel located in a safe area?
A: Waikiki is generally a safer area on the island, and if you use common sense you should be fine. For example, we don’t recommend taking any type of valuables and leaving them on the beach, we do have lockers to secure your valuables for peace of mind. Our hostel has 24-7 security.

Q: Are there bathrooms in the dorms?
A: Yes, each room has private bathroom.

Q: Can I book a bottom or top bunk?
A: We don’t assign beds and all beds are based on first come first serve. We ask that you clip your invoice to your bed to aid the housekeepers to better clean the rooms and show which beds are occupied. You could always move bed assignment once your roommate has checked out.

Q: Can I check in early?
A:  Our standard check in time is 3:30pm and our checkout time is at 12 noon. For dorms we can generally check you in earlier if you don’t mind that housekeepers have not come through yet, as they make their way through each floor throughout the day. For semi-private and private rooms the check in time is 3:30pm.  We do have courtesy storage room for early check in guests.

Q: Does the hostel have a parking area?
A: We do have gated parking within the hostel premises. The cost is $10 per day, plus a $5 dollar parking pass deposit which allows access to the parking lot. All parking is based on first come first serve availability. If we should sell out, there is street parking a few blocks away and the front desk can assist you with directions.

Q: Does the hostel have storage?
A: Storage room is $5 dollars per day to lock up your items after you have checked out. All the rooms have coin operated lockers for $.25 cents dollar per use.

Q: Can I receive mail there?
A: Guests can receive mail at our address of 2556 Lemon Rd, Honolulu, HI 96815. We will hold mail for 30 days.

Q: Do you have any age restrictions?
A: The minimum age to check in to the hostel is 18 years of age and there is no maximum age limit.  If you are under 18 years old, you will need to be accompanied by an adult (21+ years or older) and rent a private room.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: All our positions are paid and full time in departments of front desk, maintenance, and housekeeping. When you come in you can fill out a job application. We will keep it on file and if anything should come available we may contact you when a position is available. We don’t offer work in exchange for rent like most hostels may have.